3D Drawing Approval
Send us your plans, whether they are freehand, or from 2D or 3D software, we will dissect it together to be sure it will be accurate.
Relevant information we need to have:—
  • The measurements of the Cabinet (Height X Width X Depth):
    • Top view
    • Elevation
  • Components used in the kitchen:
    • Countertop
    • Cabinets Doors
    • Hardware
Take Note *— The more details we have, the more precise your drawing will be. This will allow us a smooth execution in the design of the 3D. We highlight this step as the foundation of your project.

Assembly List

Your lack of time or staff to provide production essential components to put together the various cabinets that make up your kitchen. It is with pleasure that we will take as long as you need to develop a standard specific to your company.
Whether it is a custom configuration in the industry for one or more projects, we will make our collaboration easy and efficient, regardless of the complexity of the requested.
Please Note *— Once the norm is established, we can email you the assembly list as soon as the 3D design is approved.

Component List

You require the list of the essential components to manufacture the kitchen cabinets. We can offer it to you in several formats; Adobe, Word, or Excel. Depending on what information you want to give to your employees, an Excel file will be your best friend.
No one is available in the office to make the needed changes to the list for a handy and efficient production on the floor. We can send everything arranged to your request under different demands.

Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic Rendering is there to clarify you reach an agreement with your client and, therefore, avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment. If your customer is apprehensive about the end result, or is unable to make a decision, has a little uncertainty regarding the suggested proposals. Photorealistic Rendering will help to remove any hesitation. So you will have all the tools in hand to start your work without any worries.
Please Note *— Once the 3D is approved, the Photorealistic Rendering can be viewed from different angles. Details such as the position of the camera, the lighting conditions, the time of day, the furniture, the style of decorations, or other particular information can be transmitted to us for rendering, as soon as possible, we can also very well to do it according to our own inspiration.

Plan & Elevation

Need a plan or an elevation to present to your client, it is important that the concept will be clear to you as well as to him. We will put on paper all the information you deemed necessary to send us for an excellent understanding and thus avoid any misunderstanding.
Manufacturer’s point of view *— You have several details provide to production as well as to your installers a project start on a strong base will facilitate harmony from the start to the end of the design of your kitchen or bathroom.

Cover Page

Kitchen | Elevation
Kitchen | Elevation
Top View
Island | Elevation
We are hopeful that this experience of teamwork between you and 3Design M.R. will meet your expectations. No matter how you improve the process, we have a good listening, your feedback is always welcome.
We look forward to having the pleasure to work together soon in your future projects!